May 17, 2022

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Chrome for Android introduces a customizable toolbar shortcut

Chrome for Android introduces a customizable toolbar shortcut

Google was historically Very careful about change The interface and layout of Chrome due to the very large user base. However, one of these changes may be in the works in Chrome for Android with the addition of a customizable toolbar shortcut.

On Android, Chrome UI remains – after Duplex / Duet are abandoned – Toolbar with home button, address bar, tab switcher and full menu, which includes many actions in a long list.

It appears that Google is now widely rolling out a “toolbar shortcut” between the omnibox and the tab button/counter. One of three actions can appear here: New Tab (Plus Sign), Share or Voice Search (Microphone).

By default, what button you see is ‘Based on your usage’, with Google providing ‘Current Recommendation’. New Tab and Share is already in the full list, while voice search appears when you tap the address bar. The first two can be considered important for browser usage and it makes sense why they should be lifted. In fact, the derelict Chrome Duet’s bottom bar redesign puts these actions front and center.

However, users can manually select the shortcut they want and even turn off the toolbar extension entirely from Chrome settings (under Advanced options just below the Home button, which can also be disabled). You can also get it manually with this tag:


Toolbar shortcut returns to Chrome 92 for Android in July 2021. At the time, it was rolling out to some people as part of regular A/B testing. It’s seen much wider availability in recent weeks, including after version 101 was stabilized on Tuesday, but Google hasn’t officially announced the feature and it may end up running.

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This extension is a small tweak to the grand layout (and can easily be ignored/disabled), but it is an insignificant addition to the Chrome layout UI for Android. (The last one was The materials you renew where functionality hasn’t changed.) Google must think that this button is a big enough improvement for users to release it.

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