September 29, 2022

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Christian Martinoli and Giovanni dos Santos praised a goal

Mexico City /

Christian Martinoli Described goals from Giovanni dose Santos At different times in the player’s career, he still has to critique further United States, In stories and social networks. However, There was a goal that aroused the praise of the commentator TV for Geo went to the descendants of the Aztecs.

This is the goal scored by Geo for the national team Netherlands In 2014 World Cup in Brazil, When El Tri faced the Europeans in the 16th round, that goal nurtured Geo’s dream of a fifth game.

TV In Azteca stories, Martinoli describes the goal, he gets emotional, and thanks to Geo who scored with a shot outside the area and At 1-0 in that fight, the commentator had only ‘flowers’ for Gunner.

“The target of hell, Giovanni Dos Santos is impressive. Many times I have asked you one thing, Motherfucker Many times I vomited bile for you, I lost my hair for you, I have a nerve for you, I go to the psychiatrist for you Today you will finally show it, Doctor! ”Shouted an excited Martinoli, the result was 1-2 negative in the end, with at least a few minutes of chemistry.

“This is Giovanni of the masses. We said Giovanni was the best today. We hugged him. We made him happy. Thank you Giovanni.”

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