November 28, 2022

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Christian Erickson received the CPR on the field; The first pictures show it as static

Almost at the end of the first half, the midfielder Christian Erickson He approached to get a throw and fell on the grass in front of his teammates and fans without contact and he immediately asked for help.

The medical team of the Danish team entered the despair of their teammates, Who created a ‘shield’ around the player to prevent the cameras from recording what was going on with him.

TV pictures were shown for a short moment Erickson undergoes cardiopulmonary resuscitation by medical staffIn addition, they were mobilized by stretchers.

Christian Eriksen touches head after fainting during match between Denmark and Finland. The Danish midfielder left the pitch on a stretcher, but A photographer was able to capture the moment the player put his hand on his face.

The Danish element was wearing an oxygen mask And a pulse oximeter on the stretcher took him to the hospital. Until now, There is no official announcement about the player’s health.

Meanwhile, UEFA suspended the game “due to a medical emergency”

Peace reigned in the arena before the eyes of those who had shown respect at all times. His teammates and rivals were in tears because they did not believe what they saw.

Erxon’s wife came down to the pitch and the Danish national team players offered to comfort him. Caspar Schmidt was one of those who approached her for support.

Meanwhile, the Finnish soldiers left the field and went to the locker room.

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