November 28, 2022

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Chilean press speaks of ‘horror’, ‘tragedy’, ‘horror’ over Ecuador’s crackdown on La Roja | Football | Sports

The country’s leading newspapers reported on Arturo Vidal’s “tough kick”, which left Martin Lazardin’s team a little less.

According to the Chile Sports Press, Tuesday’s defeat against Ecuador was “a strange game from start to finish”. The difficulty in co-ordinating the success of La Troy is reflected in the major Santiago newspapers publishing in their digital editions, as they first witnessed the 56-year-old conflict between the two countries. They speak of a “dream”, “tragedy”, “horror movie” of the severe blow dealt by Chile and its so-called Golden Generation national team on the fourteenth day of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

‘Chile lived a dangerous night in San Carlos, losing for the first time to Ecuador in the qualifying round and moving the World Cup back,’ the newspaper headlined. Wednesday For the fourteenth day of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, this Tuesday in its online edition to mark the victory of the national team.

The newspaper added, “Everything happened to Lazard at the San Carlos de Apocindo. Arturo Vitalin was ruled out with injuries to Eugenio Mena, Alexis Sanchez and Francisco Sierralda. But worse, the effect. The national team fell to Ecuador 2-0 in their first defeat to La Tri on home soil in qualifying history.

To Third, What happened to the team led by Martín Lasarte seemed like a “horror movie”. Under the headline ‘Chile suffers disaster in San Carlos’, the Santiago newspaper described what happened before the tricolor: “A dark force. ? If Estupinan’s goal was bad in nine minutes, Vidal’s dismissal on the 13th would have been a tragedy already. A major clash against a direct competitor in the race, King Arthur And Charles Aranguiz. The script for a horror movie ”.

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‘Severe kick’

In your title Fourth He said: ‘Painful defeat: La Rose fell to Ecuador and questioned Qatar’s 2022 trip. This is an excerpt from a Chilean newspaper reporting on the Araucanian defeat with goals from Pervis Estupinan and Moises Guizeto: “La Rose failed to beat Ecuador in the first half. Started positively.After a few minutes, Chile enjoyed a tense moment King Arturo Vidal, who received a direct red card after a fierce kick to the face by Felix Torres of Ecuador, left the court in 13 minutes.

Meters He said: “In a strange match from start to finish” Chile stumbled against Ecuador in a match where nothing came out for the Reds. He also mentioned Arturo Vital’s “Flying Kick” gave him a red card. Ecuador had already beaten Chile 1-0 in the 12th minute when Pervis Estupinan Ray He got a straight red card for the biggest mistake Arturo Vidal made. The Reds stayed with 10 players early in the first half with a huge ‘plate’ on the face of Ecuador defender Felix Torres. (D)