Chickenfoot’s First Concert Review – EVER!

May 15, 2009
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

By Gil Gatchalian

Exclusive to Rockstar Weekly

On Friday, May 15, I received an e-mail from my editor asking me if I wanted to shoot a concert.  It was a sold out concert at the
Commodore Ballroom for the performance of the band called ” Chicken Foot.  No way, no how, have I ever heard this band. Nevertheless, without any hesitation or reservation, I agreed to do the shoot.  I quickly researched the band and to my surprise, I was in awe of what I discovered.  This band is formed by four talented individuals; ex-Van Halen-Sammy Haggar and Michael Anthony; guitar virtuoso-Joe Satriani
and Chillipepper’s drummer-Chad Smith. I arrived at the Commodore Ballroom at around 9:30 pm to pick-up my credential (media pass).  As I entered the venue, I noticed the front stage is packed with fans much in the same as “sardines in a can”.

The opening band had just finished their gig. Most often, people leave to get

a breath of fresh, take a washroom trip or go for a quick cigarette break before the main event but not this time!  Everyone stayed put in their places in anticipation of what was about to take place. The crowd was a mix of older and younger faces.  To sum it up, the older crowd was 
definitely there for Sammy Haggar and Michael Anthony whilst the younger crowd was there for Joe Satriani and Chad Smith.

Finally, after an insightful conversation with some of the audience, Chickenfoot took center stage.  It was high energy from the get go with some “kick ass” rock n’ roll with 3 songs that had been released on-line.
Sammy Haggar was full of energy; running around the stage like a ‘mad man’ giving high-fives to the crowd!  Joe Satriani electrified the crowd with his guitar pickin’ and tingling riffs.  Michael Anthony, with his cool persona wowed the crowd while Chad Smith showed his precision and impeccable 
timing on the drums!  Every single one of these talented individuals brought their own and was at the top of their game.  It absolutely made for a super concert one can only remember. Explosive, magnificent and truly unbelievable! No endorsements needed!  

A remarkable evening with a culmination of talents which put an end to what could have been an ordinary Friday night. 
As the old cliche goes, ” ROCK N’ ROLL WILL NEVER DIE”.