September 30, 2022

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‘Chicharito’ marks the best start to the season of his career

The start of this season has never been the best letter to Javier Hernandez, and he is excited by the five goals he scored in the first two games with the LA Galaxy in 2021. M.L.S..

‘Chicharito’ He is on an extraordinary landscape in his career, stoning, wanting revenge, regaining the passion to play and attacking that position as one of his best virtues.

Hernandez scored two goals in the first week of his visit to Inter Miami, scoring three goals in his first home game against the New York Red Bulls this Sunday.

His notes mark six points for the Galaxy, which is pleased to see on the court the value of leading the West and the man with the most goals with the Mexican national team jersey.

Speaking of Mexican, the beginning of Xavier, step ESPN dataIn the 2017 season playing for the Houston Dynamo, Eric Torres only came close when he scored a goal in each of the first two games of that season. ‘Cubo’ Torres scored four combined goals in the next two games.

Hernandez began his career with Sivas de Guadalajara in the 2006-07 season, but spurred his early season until 2009-10 Aberdera, where he began scoring in the first two games. He scored a goal first against Toluca and then against Tigress, although both ended in defeat for Rojiblancos. He finished that season with 11 goals.

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Mexico’s next short match, Clausura 2009-10, before moving on Premier League With Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United, Javier scored two goals for Toluca, both with the help of Omar Esparza, and then two more goals for Tigras. Shivas won both games 3-1, with Xavier finishing with 10 touchdowns.

He then went through the ‘legends’ Manchester United and Real Madrid and could never start with that level of performance. In Europe, his best record came in the 2017-18 campaign, when he set a double record when his team fell 2-3 against Southampton on Premier League Day 2 against West Ham United, according to data from the Transfermark Portal.

Of all the tournaments in Europe and Mexico, his best introductory letter, considering the league matches as Hernandez’s professional footballer in January 2010, was until the wonderful spring of 2021.

ESPN data show that Xavier has played 39 games in his career, with two or more goals, including club and national team games.

A few weeks after he accepted that he was in debt at his club, Javier began to reap the trust he had placed in him, and in the Mexican fight, he fell to Carlos Vela at the start of the match.