December 7, 2022

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Checo Pérez can run Belgian GP; FIA allowed

The Sequoia Perez team can start the Belgian GB as they fix their car

Chairman Red Bull, Christian Horner, sheds light on hope for Sergio Seco Perez Pointing to that Mexican Despite the formation lap accident at the Belgian Grand Prix, he can return to racing.

The Guadalajara man was involved in an accident at Les Comps and in principle the team declared him ineligible after suffering heavy damage to the front. However, Horner noted that the RB16B could run while being repaired due to delays caused by rain.

“They work in the car. We do our best to help you. Seko wanted to go, but he has to stay. We hope they can handle the regulations. Start from Pitlane“, He said.

Later, in an interview with the same F1, Horner said, “We look at the information. If there was a Grand Prix, he would be there.

After a few minutes it was confirmed that Seko could participate, but starting from the back of the line. FIA Race Director Michael Masi gave the green light that if the team had RB16B No. 11 ready, it would join Peloton.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolf has agreed that Seko Perez can take part in the race, Despite the competition for both teams.

“I think so. It can be added. For me, it’s not enabled, it can start from the bottom of the grid,” he said.

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So, competing with the Seco Perez in Belgium depends on two things: the Red Bull car was ready (it already happened), and the climate allows it.

The award was scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m. Mexico, but the start of the race was delayed by 25 minutes due to rain.

After this time the pilots gave two spy folds, but they demanded zero visibility on the track, which canceled the start of the race control and showed red flags.

This gave the Austrian team the opportunity to work on Rb16B and all combinations were ready at the start of the tournament.