September 27, 2022

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Charcoal celebrates the title of Warrior with over 560,000 views

NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors Twitter account Stephen Curry Celebration Reached 560,000 Views: ‘What are they going to say now?’

Stephen Curry, 2022 NBA Champion
© Elsa / Getty ImagesStephen Curry, 2022 NBA Champion

The clock did not reach zero, and tears came to the eyes Stephen Curry. The player who holds the record for most triples in history NBA Fell in the face of receiving his fourth championship Golden State Warriors.

All of those difficult moments from the two seasons he missed went through Carrie’s mind Clay Thompson He only played in 5 games until that 2019-20 campaign due to injury because he broke his left arm and ended up with the worst record in the entire NBA for the Warriors.

It’s time to relax! Stephen Curry Won the MVP for his first final following a 4-2 victory over the Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics At the press conference after the headline he sent a message to those who do not believe in dubs.

“I clearly remember putting a big zero when some experts asked cHow many championships will we win in four years for all we have passed? With all that we asked for, we carried it, we set our goal, it did not let us be distracted, but we carried it. Here we are and everything that comes out. சிறப்பு “, Charcoal told a news conference.

‘What are they going to say now?’: Carrie’s Warriors title celebration

Official Twitter account Golden State Warriors NBA has released a celebration of the 2022 title and a message from inside the locker room Stephen Curry It reached over 560,000 reproductions: “Champions. Baby! What are they going to say now? What are they going to say now? “

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