September 29, 2022

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Chad Johnson fell for his boxing debut

Former NFL wide receiver Brian Maxwell finished all four rounds against him, however he visited the canvas.

Former NFL wide receiver, Chad ‘Ochocinko’ Johnson Was Boxing intro With a close fight against this Sunday Brian Maxwell As part of the Undercard preliminary fights Floyd Mayweather Y Logan Paul.

Fight between Johnson Y Maxwell Were Exhibition boat for up to four rounds of two minutes each There are no judges to evaluate the militants.

} ‘Ochocinho‘He landed excellent punches early in the fight, however, was able to gain defense with his speed. In the fourth round he was attached to the cheek, in which he was exchanged and visited the canvas.

The last seconds of the fight were dramatic Johnson Running to survive and Maxwell Lurks in search of a knockout that will never come.

In the end, Both fighters raised their hands and stood and greeted the audience.

“I had fun, I had two months to prepare tonight and I want to thank God for keeping us safe there. [dentro del ring]Johnson announced after the match. “I want to say thank you Floyd, For allowing Leonard Ellerbe and my entire team to skip this from my list. Taking risks on my life, doing crazy things, this is one on my list. This is news to many who are afraid of failing, losing, and taking risks to go out and live life. Do not be afraid to fail, nothing will happen. I have no box, I struggle. But I was not used to being in the ring, so I was kind of careless. “

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For its part, Maxwell He pointed out after the fight Johnson Is one of their idols.

“Ask the world who it is Brian Maxwell Now, “He was sentenced.”Brian Maxwell Has arrived. Thanks, Chad. It’s an honor to have fought against my idol, and I appreciate it. “

Previously, Johnson He had made it clear that his entry into boxing would be a unique adventure.

This is something I will do once“He announced.” I have done many crazy things in life that contribute to it because it is just part of the list of fulfilled options. I’m going to have fun and try to entertain myself. “