Celestial Ruin Awaken Vancouver Fans

Celestial Ruin
Photo from Larissa Dawn Facebook Page

Celestial Ruin
The Media Club
Vancouver, BC
April 13, 2012

Celestial Ruin’“The Awakening” has arrived. With a new CD and a party, CR put on a powerful show with some guests. KUSH, Iron Kingdom and Skinny Millionaire played as guests with the symphonic metal Celestial Ruin. Celestial Ruin was excellent. Too Small a venue for their big sound and stage show. Their lights were incorporated into the song effects perfectly, as were the fog effects. The  CD release party Rocked!  The microphone board had a blow out and Larissa’s Mic refused to work. She recovered  and like a true professional  resumed the show.

Yakir the guitarist is  talented as is Mike on bass. Together they brought out a powerful heavy sound that gave me goose bumps. Nathan, Nate as he is called, on the keyboards, sets the mood for the music along with Larissa’s lyrics. She isn’t a screamer but she can hold those high notes. Their music is not death metal and screaming is not part of their sound. Adam Todd the drummer played excellent. Thunder to the symphonic sweetness. Heavy guitars and flowing metal riffs to rock the rafters. A varied range of metal.  I like their music, I recommend The Awakening a must to be added to all metal CD collections.

The Awakening is a spectacular first CD. North American metal with a European Symphonic metal mix. A 2012 CFOX SEEDS contender they are a great choice for winning this years competition. Their songs From Beneath You, The Wrath of The Dragon and The Hunted are rock music greats in my book.

Kush was a party. Rock and Roll . The guitarist and the lead singer harmonized great but the lead singer’s voice was a little flat. He did keep those notes held for a long time. Their bass player has style. I always have a soft spot for great bass playing. They were a real crowd pleaser with the ladies.

The first band, Skinny Millionaire was surprisingly great. Jazz and rhythm and blues to start off the night. Their lead singer reminded me of Amy Winehouse. Her voice and stage mannerisms were very similar in those jazz numbers. Her voice range was fantastic. They incorporated the electric violin and those synthesizers to make their unique sound. Their music was not in one genre but several and the audience liked all of their music. An interesting start to a rock show.

The show ran late and Celestial Ruin had the prime time which had Iron Kingdom  play to just before the last Skytrain. Iron Kingdom had not hit the stage and most people had to leave. Iron Kingdom is a powerful heavy metal band. Their sound is like a very young Iron Maiden. Heavy guitars, drums and Chris Osterman’s high singing is spectacular. They had a CD out in Dec. 2011, Curse of The Voodoo Queen. It’s a great Metal CD.

Celestial Ruin Set List:


From Beneath You
The Final Countdown
The Hunted
Dark Inside
Bad Moon
Going Under
Behind These Doors
Wrath of the Dragon