December 7, 2022

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Cdeee’s vice president: “Electricity sector fraud”

Antonio Astacio, managing vice president of the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDC), denounced the Dominican Electricity Department for fraud during the last administration.

During a press conference held at his office, they concluded that through various audits carried out by Astacio, the various irregularities found would cost more than 30 billion pesos.

“So, what we are talking about is that we estimate that more than 30 billion people have been mismanaged because people have an idea about all the abuses seen in the last administration,” the official explained.

Cdeee spends less than past management, but Astacio shouted with a better investment concept.

“We spend a little more, saving 80% of the total purchase price, which translates into benefits for the Dominican state, for example money that can be used for many things, such as buying vaccines and continuing to buy equipment,” said Cdeee’s executive vice president.

Energy and Mining Minister Antonio Almond added that buying equipment together was a way to reduce cash losses.

Astacio added that Cdeee’s lawyers are still making assessments to continue filing a complaint with the Ministry of Public Works.

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