CD Review: Wig Wam – Wall Street

Wig Wam - Wall Street

Norwegian rockers Wig Wam have always been a favourite of mine. The band can rock and glam with the best of them and their debut Hard To Be A Rock N’ Roller was one of the best hard rock albums of 2005. In their four album career, the band has been slowly evolving, including letting go of their original glam image and slowly dropping the party rock schlock. The results of the transition have resulted in Wall Street, the band’s latest effort, showing a more serious and mature Wig Wam than we’ve ever seen before.

For fans that have been following the band since the beginning, the change is a little less obvious, but for those that only remember In Dreams or Gonna Get You Some Day the new album might be a head scratcher. Borrowing from melodic rockers like Def Leppard and Night Ranger, Wig Wam have found a sound that can showcase how good a band they really are and kick an ass or two in the process.

Aside from the obvious theme of money on Wall Street, the songs are less about parties and women and more about life, success and winning. The most notable change on the record is the clarity of Glam’s voice – he’s starting to lose his Norwegian accent a bit on this one and the result is an album that might have a better time cracking the US market. Musically, the band is tighter than ever and best showcased in the instrumental track Things Money Can’t Buy.

It’s certainly not a Wig Wam we’re used to, but that might not be a bad thing. The sound is mature and evolved, while the lyrics are provoking and relevant. It’s a Wig Wam for the next generation.