CD Review: Trenchtown – Trenchtown


4.5 Stars

Hermosa Beach, California has provided the stomping grounds to many punk legends, including Black Flag, The Descendents and Pennywise, but the next generation might best lie in the hands of Trenchtown, who left their Detroit homes to catch a whiff of some of the magic that might be in the air down there.

Produced by Trenchtown and Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei, the self-titled EP is properly produced with just the right mix of raw energy and slickness, making it a fulfilling debut. Sounding much like what a ska version of Green Day might, Trenchtown pack punk energy with a reggae sensibility, in a unique pop package. The six songs bounce around a bit, with hook laden, feel good reggae/pop vibes to more straight forward rockers, but the variety stays well within the realm of who the band is.

The opening track, Ay Oh, kicks off the album with bouncy beats, upbeat and swampy guitar licks, and crisp, catchy vocals. Not “letting go”, the album continues with the promising Let It Go, which might be the most straight forward rocker on the whole CD. This sing-along sounds like it would be a killer live track at their concerts.

Murder and Waiting For The Day are powerful, while the laid back Unpaid Holiday sways more on the reggae side of things. The band is a bit better when it rocks and punks out, but it’s reggae sound would be a welcomed treat on any ska festival stage. Trenchtown deserve the full CD treatment and it would be great to see these guys on the Warped Tour. Judging from the EP, they’ll be a mainstage act in no time.

Listen to: Ay Oh, Let It Go