CD Review: Thulium – 69

4 Stars

UK rockers Thulium are a powerhouse band that recently introduced itself to the world through a powerful and brilliantly produced debut EP, which is available through most online retailers.  The band takes its name from the 69th element of the periodic table and the music makes you want to peak the hands of an analog stereo system’s audio reference level display with just one listen.

The 3 song EP sounds a bit like Breaking Benjamin and old school Red Hot Chili Peppers, mixed with the pop sensibility of Nickelback. Each song on the release is unique and different from each other and serves as a great sampler of the potential that Thulium has if they choose to pursue and of these sounds more. At its core it is alternative rock and metal.

The EP kicks off with the short and pungent Running, an all out ballsy rocker that screams, while Craving slows things down a bit. The EP closer, 30 Days Of Sorrow, is the longest song on the EP and borrows its format from Guns N’ Roses November Rain. The song features slick piano playing that accompanies vocalist Boubou throughout. The rest of the band, Canadian drummer Rob, bassist Chris and former lead guitarist Vik, join the song a bit later on in the grand tradition of the rock power ballad.

Although a bit short to judge the band on three songs, the Thulium EP is a fantastic introduction to a band that would easily sound like one of the finer bands on the Warped Tour, should they end up doing it next year. Like its namesake chemical element, Thulium is very rare and harvests plenty of energy.