CD Review: The Who – Quadrophenia (2012 Deluxe Edition)

The Who - Quadrophonic (Deluxe)

Who are you? What's that, you haven’t heard The Who? Who are you? Maybe the C.S.I. theme song comes to mind then?

This power group from the 60’s has had many a hit and many revamps of their career. They formed in 1964 and have sold about 100 million albums over the decades. This album was originally released in 1973 – five years before they would lose drummer Keith Moon in 1978.
On The Who website, guitarist Pete Townshend says this 2011 revisit to The Who’s 1973 Quadrophenia recording is inspired by current and continuing interest in the project.
The Who performed a concert version of the piece at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010 for the Teenage Cancer Trust with excellent reviews, and the success of that event led to the prospect of a  Who tour in 2012 based on the album. The last such tour was between 1996 -1997.
This band and many others from our past show us why they are such legends in the industry always creating something new with each album they made always wanting something more. They were musicians first and only acheived sucess and radio play on their own merits, not because they wrote a good pop song.
Quadrophenia is a double vinyl album, and the group's second rock opera. Its story involves social, musical and psychological happenings from an English teenage perspective, set in London and Brighton in 1964 and '65. It features The Who classics Love, Reign O'er Me, The Real Me and 5.15.
Roger Daltrey always has had a strong voice, but when I was younger I was a Pete Townshend fan and bought his solo albums. Now as I am getting older, I'm ashamed to say I don’t have one Who album in my collection.
This is a great album that deserves the re-release. There are 10 demo tracks included on the standard Deluxe Edition, but there is a much more in-depth 5-disc version for collectors. This is a must have for any fan of The Who or 1960's rock.
Disc One: Original LP 1
"I Am The Sea" – 2:08
"The Real Me" – 3:20
"Quadrophenia" – 6:13
"Cut My Hair" – 3:44
"The Punk and the Godfather" – 5:10
"I'm One" – 2:37
"The Dirty Jobs" – 4:28
"Helpless Dancer" (Roger's theme) – 2:33
"Is It In My Head?" – 3:43
"I've Had Enough" – 6:14
Disc Two: Original LP 2
"5:15" – 5:00
"Sea and Sand" – 5:01
"Drowned" – 5:26
"Bell Boy" (Keith's theme) – 4:55
"Doctor Jimmy" (John's theme) – 8:36
"The Rock" – 6:37
"Love, Reign O'er Me" (Pete's theme) – 5:48
Disc Three: The Demos
"The Real Me" (Demo) (written and recorded in October 1972)
"Quadrophenia – Four Overtures" (Demo) (recorded in 1973)
"Cut My Hair" (Demo) (written in June 1972)
"Fill No. 1 – Get Out and Stay Out" (Demo) (recorded on 12 November 1972)
"Quadrophenic – Four Faces" (Demo) (recorded in July 1972)
"We Close Tonight" (Demo) (recorded in July 1972)
"You Came Back" (Demo) (recorded in July 1972)
"Get Inside" (Demo) (written in April 1972)
"Joker James" (Demo) (recorded in July 1972)
"Ambition" (written early in 1972) (track supposedly available on Q-Cloud but finally omitted)
"Punk" (Demo) (recorded on 18 November 1972)
"I'm One" (Demo) (recorded on 15 November 1972)
"Dirty Jobs" (Demo) (recorded on 25 July 1972)
"Helpless Dancer" (Demo) (recorded in 1973)
Disc Four: The Demos
"Is It In My Head?" (Demo) (recorded on 30 April 1972)
"Anymore" (Demo) (listed as recorded on 10 November 1971, but probably a misprint; actual year would have been 1972)
"I've Had Enough" (Demo) (written and recorded on 17 December 1972)
"Fill No. 2" (Demo) (recorded on 12 November 1972)
"Wizardry" (Demo) (recorded in August 1972)
"Sea And Sand" (Demo) (written and recorded on 1 November 1972)
"Drowned" (Demo) (recorded in March 1970, exactly three years before The Who studio recording of Quadrophenia took place)
"Is It Me?" (Demo) (recorded on 20 March 1973)
"Bell Boy" (Demo) (recorded on 3 March 1973)
"Doctor Jimmy" (Demo) (recorded on 27 July 1972)
"Finale – The Rock" (Demo) (recorded between 25 March and 1 May 1973)
"Love Reign O'er Me" (Demo) (recorded on 10 May 1972)
Disc Five: DVD Quadrophenia 5.1
"I Am The Sea"
"The Real Me"
"I've Had Enough"
"Dr Jimmy"
"The Rock"
"Love Reign O'er Me"d '65.