CD Review: The Hours – I Want More EP

The Hours - I Want More
3-1/2 stars

The Hours are a relatively new band in North America, so I Want More, the band’s new pop/rock/new wave EP won’t sound like as much of a departure for us as it would for the band’s UK fans that have followed them through a series of EPs and two albums that sounded more like U2. The new sound is fresh and exciting, even though it draws from an 80s British New Wave vibe at times.

Drawing from the success of the band’s hit single Ali In The Jungle, the five songs on the EP average about 5 minutes a tune, with the 7-minute epic Touched By The Hand Of God leading as the standout track; along with the EPs title track, I Want More, close behind. The closing track, You Can't Kill Love, fails in comparison to Touched By The Hand Of God , which should have ended the EP on a grand note. You Can’t Kill Love might have been better suited and might have faired better had it appeared earlier in the track listing.

Singer Antony Glenn is finding his footing well with the new Brit-pop sound and fits perfectly with the direction of the lyrics and overall sound. The overall tone of the music is uplifting and the lyrics are quite positive. It will be exciting to see where the band takes their sound on the next album.

Watch for the band on the road with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.