CD Review: Steel Panther – Balls Out

Steel Panther - Balls Out
5 Stars

Following in the same comedic tradition as their official debut album Feel The Steel, Los Angeles hair metal band Steel Panther have released Balls Out, another collection of sexual, wild, and outrageous 80's inspired metal. The album is packed with big guitar licks, bombastic bass, kick ass drums and the crudest lyrics in rock.

There are two ways most people look at Steel Panther. You can take them as a talented glam band in the same vein as Van Halen, Poison and Aerosmith, or you can treat them like a comedic engine along the lines of Spinal Tap. The big difference here is that Spinal Tap was a fake band using actors that were assembled to create a movie, while Steel Panther, at heart, are a real band with real fans and real concerts. Unlike Tap, Steel Panther is actually quite sly and cocky (yes, the pun is intended here) about their comedy act. Anyone that has seen them in concert or even their music videos, can see the over-the-top presentation to the hilt.

Unlike most glam bands of the “golden era”, Steel Panther has more talent than most of those 80s bands ever had at their peak. Regardless of any lyrics, the band is the most solid hard rock band on the planet right now and singer Michael Starr has the voice of all voices – the motherload, if you will. He can out sing David Lee Roth and he has more stage presence than Roth, Steven Tyler and Paul Stanley put together.

For those lucky enough to understand the joke, Balls Out is the standout album of the year. It just plain kicks ass. Killer tracks such as Just Like Tiger Woods is an anthem for the new generation, while Tomorrow Night, Supersonic Sex Machine and That’s What Girls Are For lead the way through an album dripping of every sexual innuendo ever written or said.

Not to be outdone by the all-star appearances on the debut album, Chad Kroeger and Nuno Bettencourt join the party on It Won’t Suck Itself and Dane Cook narrates the opening track In The Future.

Either you get it or you don’t. For those that get it, this album is a 5-star celebration, for those that don’t, it won’t even register.