CD Review: State Of Shock – Rock N’ Roll Romance

State Of Shock - Rock n' Roll Romance

Canadian rockers State of Shock have always been honest and emotional in their writing, while finding a way to hand us the songs with a sense of fun and a kick ass energy that also extends to their onstage presence. In their pivotal 3rd album, Rock ‘n Roll Romance, they’ve done it yet again.

Having had the album for just under a week, I’ve listened to it more than a few times and I have to be honest – other than Have a Nice Day, and Runaway, none of the songs grabbed me on the very first spin. By the second listen though, lyrics are jumping out at me – little gems of wisdom, and sentiments that I can relate to. Guitar riffs, harmonies, and catchy hooks stitch the lyrics together masterfully, and I find myself humming along with most of the 13 tracks, and even singing a few of the choruses. The kicker comes when I wake up the next morning with Last Call firmly entrenched in my sub consciousness; this album has grown on me quickly and powerfully.

Taken directly from the band’s own life experiences, the songs range from a shout out to the fans (The F Word), to poking fun at themselves (Gone n Done n Did It), to dealing with infidelity seriously (I Wish I Woulda Wowed U) and not so seriously (Have a Nice Day), to offering advice on love lost (Used to Be) or love found (Last Call), or the hope of love yet to come (Innocent Girl).  Ranging from Ballads, to Pop, to hard hitting Rock, there is something here for every age group, every listening style. The songs still have that State of Shock flair, while still being fresh, new, and exciting; Rock n Roll Romance is the band’s best work to date.