CD Review: Stalemate – Long Way Down

Stalemate-Long Way Down

Cleaveland , Ohio is the starting place for this band that originally went by the name of “Tooth Fuzz” after they felt a growth of their music – and ever since they changed their name, their songs have been featured in radio programs, documentaries and advertisements.

I like this  sound – it’s a little like R.E.M. and Sam Roberts Band. Thanks for Nothing is a great song to kick off the album. No Way Out almost sounds Nirvana inspired.

There is nothing really magical happening here, but they have an interesting sound, mixing grunge with punk rock. The listener can clearly hear their inspirations as the songs progress through the CD.

Say Anything goes through the motions, while Underground has a fuzzy bass riff that helps bring the song up in terms of something a bit different – they close it off with a sound bite from Taxi Driver, but they keep the same feel throughout the album.
Opportunity Knocks is a better song, but it could have been better. Hot Mess is by far the best track on the CD and really shows that this band does have some promise. Musically, Stalemate's sound has been done before by much better bands, but Hot Mess is really edgy compared to the other tracks.
All in all, this is not a bad album, it’s just not one I cared for beyond the first listen.