CD Review: Sonic Station – Sonic Station

Sonic Station

Sonic Station is a project album based around the sounds of lighter 80s AOR bands Toto, Mr. Mister, Journey and Air Supply. Creator Alexander Kronbrink composed, produced and arranged the album’s ten tracks with four different singers with different singing styles and voices: Magnus Bäcklund, Tove Lo, Kristoffer Fogelmark and Marika Willstedt.

The first song is the strongest of the bunch, sounding like a Toto offshoot from the Rosanna days. Vocalist Bäcklund works well in this genre and has a Christian rock feel to his presentation. But other than Never Let The Sunshine Die, another rocker featuring Fogelmark, that’s where the best of the album ends.
Half of the tracks feature Willstedt, who sounds like a combination between Grace Slick and Heart’s Ann Wilson, but her vocals seem to be buried in the mix and show no power or emotion. With a better mix and more feeling, Willstedt would have been the highlight of the album. But with a bad mix and some average songs, it comes out really boring.
We often forget how strong and powerful the songs and performances of bands like Air Supply and Toto are. Sonic Station, no matter how hard it might try to sound like its influences, suffers from an overcompressed sound combined with mediocre songs and bad vocal mixes, giving the album a sub-par sound that is very generic and forgettable.