CD Review: Rihanna – Talk that Talk

Rihanna – Talk that Talk (2011

Exactly one year after the release of her very successful album Loud, 23 year old Barbadian pop icon Rihanna, has released her sixth studio album, Talk that Talk. This 11-track record with its mercilessly catchy beats and hooks will gnaw its way into your memory and show no signs of disappearing. 

If the music world knows one thing about Rihanna, it is that she does not concern herself with subtle innuendos.  With lines like “Suck my cockiness, lick my persuasion” it is no wonder why Talk that Talk has been considered Rhianna’s most sexual album yet, being called the “dirtiest pop album since Madonna’s Erotica.”
She said it all with the title of her very first album, Good Girl Gone Bad, a phrase that is reflected in the lyrics of all her albums that have followed. With hit singles like “S&M”, and “Rude Boy”, there is no doubt in the minds of listeners that she has more than a bit of a wild side. Talk that Talk is no exception to Rihanna’s naughty-but-nice façade. 
However, I must point out that not all of the tracks on Talk that Talk are hormone-inducing, dance club, party songs. The last track, entitled “Farewell”, is a heart-felt, emotional account of having to let a loved one go, for their own good. “And I know you’re going somewhere to make a better life / I hope that you find it on the first try.” 
On the topic of relationships and letting go, on February 20th, fans were surprised to hear that Rihanna released a remix of “Birthday Cake” featuring her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown; the R&B singer who, during his relationship with Rihanna, brutally assaulted her. 
It is obvious that Rihanna is a pro at knowing how to push the limits of the music industry with her sometimes overly sexual lyrics, but I find a balance between naughty and nice with every one of her albums. She a 21st-century sexual pop icon, and I anticipate that she will continue to push the boundaries of the pop genre for years to come.