CD Review: Re-ill – Day Light Savings (Mixed Tape)

Re-ill - day Light Savings

Atlanta rapper Re-iIl dropped his latest mixed taped Day Light Savings in our inbox and we couldn’t help but take a listen. After all, any artist that samples George Thorogood in his opening track is good with us. That Thorogood sample happens in the aptly titled opening track Bad 2 Da Bone, which showcases Re-ill’s awesome vocal chops in a catchy and cool old school vibe.

Re-ill sounds a bit like Lil’ Wayne meets Fresh Prince, with a touch of K’Naan mixed in. In other words, he’s got a voice that stands out from the pack. He’s not a gangsta rapper in any sense, but tunes like Easy E shows that he could hang with the bad boys if he wanted to. The release jumps around a bit with some old school and a couple dancy tracks, but Re-ill’s unique and unmistakable voice stands above all, regardless of the style.
The album’s standout track is Yes I Can, which features J. Alston. The song had a great chorus and could easily be a radio hit. The slow jam A Good Mother is also a slick track that reminds me of the better parts of what I like about K’Naan.
The majority of the album has an optimistic view even when things suck in the world, as evident in the tracks In The Mood, Come Through and Story of A Dream. The girl's in love with someone else vibe of She Loves Him is about the most negative the album gets. Some other rappers would have taken the song to revenge levels, but Re-ill just uses his story telling skills and unquestionably comes out the better man.
Unlike many of the rap releases that hit our desk all the time, Re-ill has what it takes to go the distance and it would be great to hear him team with a rocker like George Throrogood for more than just a sample or maybe a killer female voice to counteract with. That type of team-up would take Re-ill and put him in the same league as Lil’ Wayne and 50 Cent.
Day Light Savings is a good listen and shows off Re-ill’s skills as a rapper and as the main voice behind the 18 song mixed tape. Re-ill is the genuine deal and I look forward to more from him in the future.