CD Review: RAM – Death

Ram - Death

RAM originates from Sweden and had their debut in 1999, at a time when heavy metal seemed doomed to some, including guitarist Harry Granroth and lead singer Oscar Carlquist . Now hosting a record deal with Metal Blade RAM have released their new CD Death.

RAM, in my eyes(or ears for that matter), do not disappoint. Having listened to metal since I was 12 years old, this album goes back to those glory days of metal. This band has earned their wings for getting the sound right with big blazing guitars and a good melodic sense that sounds Iron Maiden-ish.

Death, the title track, reminds me of a haunting Mercyful Fate or King Diamond style of opening for an album and is quickly followed by Comes from the Mouth Beyond which has a good riff and beat. Although Release Me seems to be a tired song after about a minute into it (as there is so much going on here that we have heard before),  Defiant brings it all back to the RAM grind. Frozen is one of the better ballads of late and 
Under the Scythe, one of the better tracks on the album, starts with the drums pounding and the guitars strumming fast and furious, like the Maiden classic Run To The Hills.
Hypnos has a building chord for the opening and gets louder with each strum of the guitar, and Flame of the Tyrants, the first single off the album, is a good one to push the band to the masses. The video is a bit like a horror version of Mad Max, so be sure to check it out.