CD Review: Primal Fear – Unbreakable

Primal Fear - Unbreakable

Primal Fear originates from Germany and they debuted in 1998 with their self-titled album. “Jaws of Death” would premier July 1999 and by “Nuclear Fire”(2001) they would be noted as one of the world’s hottest live bands with what would be considered their classic album garnering them notice outside of their home country. By their fourth album, “Black Sun” (2002), the band was 100% heavier and 100% Primal Fear and 2003 they would tour with  Halford, Testament , Immortal & others on the Metal Gods Tour. Primal Fear would release 7 more albums before “Unbreakable” which was released January 20th 2012.

This is a strong rock album, especially with the first single Bad Guys Wear Black, where I instantly had a feeling I was going to like it. All in all this album hardly lets go of the listener.

Marching Again holds a fast and furious pace, if you like guitars screaming and drums blazing – it even slows down in the middle.

Unbreakable Part 1 is the introduction to the album and sounds like the opening of a movie and Born Again has a nice melody opening up – this is the ballad for the album.
Metal Nation & Unbreakable Part 2 are good songs, while Blaze Of Glory opens hot and heavy guitar riffs and strong vocals. Conviction is a great way to end the album and you can definitely hear some Judas Priest influence in this song with the vocals and rhythm of the song.
There also is a lot of great drumming on this album. I find many reviewers often leave out the timekeeper. Most only give credit to the singer and guitarist, leaving the drummer often overlooked. Kudos to Randy Black for the great stickwork.
This is another good entry to the metal collection if you like crunchy hard rock and metal – musically there is allot going on with Unbreakable. Primal Fear deserves more respect, especially for this enjoyable metal record from a band that has proved itself time and tie again.