CD Review: Nailed Coil – The Outcome of Anxiety

Nailed Coil-The Outcome of Anxiety

In 2002, Nailed Coil  came from Finland to hit the metal market. This is only their second full length album (in 2008 they released Trail of Yesterday). Holy S#%&t this album kicks ass and take no prisoners, as Echoes of the Fallen starts pounding the ears. This is so hard and heavy.

Slipknot and Slayer are definitely influences to this band and boy they are good at this music. Synergy of Decay is another heavy song and I often wonder if these bands tire after playing so hard and fast – but they answer with a resounding no in this one, because it jusst keeps getting heavier. 

I am impressed how heavy they are, and yet able to create a sound their own along the way. There are many metal bands out there, but many of them are not this good.  Hatebreed comes to mind for a comparison, especially in the vocal approach.
This album just keeps encroaching on the listener and has a great effect for the versatility with their approach to the heaviness of it all. The drums are superfast in Through Acceptance (as a drummer I have never been able to play at this speed, so this blows me away).
Songs like “Behind the Faces” keep it brutal and heavy, while A World Without Reality, The Tryout of the Obvious & the remaining songs that close out the album, do not disappoint. There are some interesting things happening in “Tryout” with so many different elements being pushed around – guttural screaming and heavy bass line throughout. Abduction Compulsory has a lot going for it, being a more melodic song than the rest and there is more a story on the track as well. Scream for Sanity closes this hard n heavy album and this reviewer is looking forward to hearing more from this band!