CD Review: My Wicked Twin – Decibel Music

My Wicked TwinWith years of service in Saga and Helix, the members of Ontario hard rockers My Wicked Twin have resurfaced with Decibel Music, a 12-track CD jammed with an original sound which is influenced by the music of Helix and Max Webster. Originally named Brent Doerner's Decibel, the band changed their name and members in 2009 and released this album independently.

Consisting of Brent, twin brother Brian Doerner, Mike Uzelac and Shane Schedler, My Wicked Twin sounds a bit like Helix mixed with the popular UK band Thunder, which made a mark in North America back in the early 90s. The tune Maybe Love comes across as a long lost Thunder tune – dirty and sexy, while the majority of the album crunches ahead at a similar pace. The album feels like a strong indie release from the 70s and could have easily taken the place of most of the early Max Webster albums if they had been released at the same time.

Because of the years that the members have logged with their other bands, My Wicked Twin are easily classified as classic, but Decibel Music shouldn’t be dismissed as just a classic rock piece. The songs are topical and written from a current perspective. It looks like The Doctor is in!

There are a couple fast paced shuffles on the album, Decibel City Hall, Get Your Game On and With A Slip Of The Tongue, that sound like they don’t really fit on this album, but are most likely great live tunes that could have benefited from a bigger production budget. The whole album has a gritty feel to it, which may or may not have been on purpose, but it does make the sound original and raw.

It’s great to see Brent and the gang doing their thing and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring.

Tracks to listen to:

Maybe Love
That Kind Of A Love