CD Review: Louder Than Love – Coming Around

Louder Than Love - Coming Around

Usually it’s not an easy task for a relatively new band to grip me within the first couple of songs, especially so suddenly. Yet Louder Than Loves EP release “Coming Around” is a definite exception to that rule. The hard/progressive rock band from my home town of Vancouver have been earning themselves a strong fan base and a ever increasing amount of exposure since they entered the indie scene. Louder Than Love’s blues instilled music is keeping fans and critics alike impressed with their enticing lyrical melodies, action packed live performances, and searing experimental sound.

The five track EP is enough to keep any avid rock listener entertained as you find yourself continuously cycling through the bands multilayered tracks.

Understandably, their first single to be released is the first track on the disc. They come flying right out of the gates with Can’t Deny, showing us exactly what they are made of. Arguably this is the most blues influenced track on the CD, which allowed this song alone to pull me in as I bobbed my head to the entrancing guitar rifts.

sually most artists who hit a home run with the first track fail to deliver with the rest of the album. This was not the case, which was a welcome surprise as I listened to the rest of Coming Around.

The second track, Coming Around, gives the listener a slower tempo song to dig their teeth into while delivering another poignant point to the bands musical prowess. Lead vocalist Paul Lambert has the ability to flex his vocal muscles proving that not only can he amp up a listener but that he can also soothe them into rock bliss. The rest of the album holds up strong as the angst conveyed in their sound continues to impress musically, vocally, and lyrically. The song For A Dime is a testament to that statement as Lambert’s gut wrenching vocals and poetic lyrics provoke the intensity needed to stand up with the encompassing hard hitting instrumentals.

Louder Than Love are a prime example of what blues instilled rock bands should strive to be in today’s indie music scene. Yet to only reference the dirty blues influences would be a complete understatement to this bands incredibly complex music. The band brings a vast variety to the table with it’s pop style vocals, easy listening drumming, killer guitar solo’s, as they infuse everything into progressively edgy orchestrations. I found the mix of blues guitar and Lambert’s voice bringing back my sense of country life nostalgia while not preempting me to go grab my shit-kickers. This is a band that deserves their ever growing popularity. Even I can call myself a fan since they have me hooked waiting for the full release of the album to drop in the summer. This a beautifully crafted taste of what the band has to offer and does what any EP should do… it makes you beg for more.