CD Review: Lights – Siberia

Lights - Siberia

Lights is a newer face in the music world, with a fresh and unique sound. Her strong soprano vocals are truly outstanding, as this new CD clearly demonstrates. This Canadian singer-songwriter has already developed a clear fashion and musical style for herself.

With her second album, Siberia, Lights combines her new wave/electric pop approach to music with the booming beats of dubstep. This makes the songs very upbeat and exhilarating. Many of the songs on this album have synthesized soundtracks to back up the incredible vocals. This effect makes the music seem other worldly.
The lyrics on the album have a very different emotional feel from her first album. The songs reflect on her life experiences, much like the lyrics in the first single Toes – which are especially well written. This song is the highlight of this album.
Each song has a memorable chorus and melody. Most singers do not write their own music and therefore the artist has no personal connection to the song, but Lights has written all of her own lyrics – and because of this, the listener can hear the passion in her voice. She honestly cares about what she sings about.
The only songs that don't really fit are Everybody Breaks a Glass and Flux and Flow. These songs incorporate a section of rap that takes away from the imaginative style of the rest of the album. The songs would have been more powerful if the rapping part had not been included. In my opinion, she does not need the other artists or rappers to create a successful album, she can do it on her own.
Lights has accomplished a lot since she released her first album in 2008 and won a Juno Award for Best New Artist in 2009. And unlike most other pop singers in the world, she sings her own lyrics and often plays her own instruments. Lights will continue to progress as an artist as her sound matures.