CD Review: Lady Gaga-Born this Way (Remix)

Lady Gaga-Born this Way (Remix)


With a massive fan base of millions of people and her unforgettable lyrics, it’s surprising that Lady Gaga would remix her already popular songs. Remixing music is always risky because the listeners already enjoy the original song. The term “don’t mess with a good thing” defiantly applies to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way remix album.

This album has merged a variety of techno, R&B and electric-pop in each remix. Lady Gaga has remixed her self with bands like “Foster the People” and “Wild Beasts”. Lady Gaga is not trying to radically change her style; she is more so trying to step outside the box and do something new and different. On a more positive note, in most of the songs we can still clearly hear Lady Gaga’s outstanding vocals. 
Although Lady Gaga’s original versions of these songs are much more remarkable, there are a few strong remixes on this album. On the Edge – Forster the People remix has kept the strong vocals of the original song and has added a nice techno breakdown at the beginning of the song. Judas – Hurts remix has added some dubstep and really reworked the vocal track in an interesting way. All of these songs have been remixed into a club music style.
I personally am a big fan of Lady Gaga. I love all the important issues she stands for and her unique out-going style. Her original “Born This Way” single won best song and best music video at the 2011 MTV EMAs. The original is much more powerful then the remix. In my opinion, this is usually the case with most remixed music. The lyrics in her songs reflect on the things she believes in and she performs them in a very entertaining way.
Although, this is not my favourite of Lady Gaga’s albums, and many of her fans probably won’t enjoy it, I still believe that Lady Gaga is an exceptional artist and has truly impacted the music world.