CD Review: Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline

Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
4 Stars

Lacuna Coil originate from Milan, Italy they first signed with Century Media Records in 1996, they released their self-titled EP in 1997. Heaven’s A Lie would be the first video for the group in 2003. Being a part of the “Ozzfest” experience in 2006 with bands like “Black Sabbath”and later supporting “Rob Zombie” on his U.S tour with opening band “Bullet for my Valentine” would give Lacuna Coil some high profile eperience.

Jump ahead to 2011, in January they would start writing music for this album and eventually begin recording in April. The release of the album has been pushed from October 2011 to January 2012. And in 2012 will see Lacuna Coil on tour with “Volbeat”, “Megadeth” & “Motorhead” on “Giantour” will see them hit Abbotsford BC on February 20th. 
The album “Dark Adrenaline” was released January 23 in Europe and January 24 in North America. Virgin Radio Italy is streaming the new album and you can find the link on “Lacuna Coil’s” website. This album starts with the single that was released for play last month – Trip the Darkness is a strong song for the entry to this new album, but it's not the best. For this reviewer there are a few others that make my personal picks from the album.
Upside-Down – The strongest song on the album has a great bass line throughout, it’s a nice n heavy song has some kickass drums happening from being a drummer myself. I played it twice while reviewing this album.
Intoxicated – Has some great vocal arrangements where the vocal chords cross between Alanis Morissette and lead singer for National Velvet–Maria Del Mar(great vocalist).
I Don’t Believe In Tomorrow –There is a great deep bass line during the chorus of this song.
Against You – A catching grove and the drumming is good and probably will be the next single (my guess).
The rest of album is OK, but these are some of the stronger songs. The weakest song on the album is their cover of R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” and a song that is very suspicious of originally being a song written for “Linkin Park”; don’t get me wrong it’s a good song, but similar is all. Fire is a descent song that is more radio friendly than anything and End of Time is a very bland ballad.
However, My Spirit is a great way to end out the album with a song that plays itself out. By the end of this review I has listened to Intoxicated about ten times just for the vocals in the song—LOVE IT!!