CD Review: Justin Bieber – My Worlds Acoustic

Justin Bieber

Love ‘em or leave ‘em, you can’t deny Justin Bieber has a voice that can outperform most singers on the planet today. He’s a successful pop singer with the hits and awards to back him up and he’s Canadian to boot.

Much like Adam Lambert, his image is overpowered by an avid fan base that can make most forget that there’s a silky voice underneath all the pop hype. And much like Lambert, the fans fell for Bieber because of the voice in the first place –the image, hype and success naturally followed. With that, both Lambert and Bieber have to deal with opinions that more often than not, affect perception. As such, both have released acoustic releases this winter that showcase pop music’s two hottest voices.

My Worlds Acoustic is the perfect solution to remind fans and the public why Bieber is nominated for two Grammy Awards this year. It’s a stripped down collection of Bieber tracks that put the voice up front and center and a great way to shut up the haters who think the 16 year old was the product of a studio production team.

Although songs like Baby benefit more with the full-off dance production, others like Never Say Never and You Smile really shine from the reduced production. The only new track on the album, Pray, is a more advanced lyric and shows a more political side to the young singer, but the gospel feel of the song really works with his voice. The song just moved Bieber from the category of pop child star to responsible young man.

Most often when an artist performs acoustically, the music can take on a country or gospel sound to it. Somehow Bieber and his production team managed to keep the pop vibe throughout the album, while stripping the tunes to their roots. Although a bit more of the gospel side might have given the album a more mature sound like Pray, it’s the perfect showcase for a talented young artist who’s on his way to the Grammy Awards this year.