CD Review: John Lennon – Double Fantasy (Stripped Down)

John Lennon: Double Fantasy

If John Lennon was alive today, he would be 70 years old. I could imagine that the elder Beatle would still be recording and the results would be a lot more bare and less electric than his other works. Enter Double Fantasy (Stripped Down), a remix of the last studio album that was recorded in 1980. The 2 CD package also comes with a copy of the original album.

With original producer Jack Douglas, Yoko Ono has brought her beloved husband’s voice to the forefront as the world celebrates John’s 70th birthday. The results are very intimate and even a bit heartbreaking. Hearing Lennon’s voice on the songs that were released around his death can bring a tear to your eyes without question. Even after all these years, we can still miss and treasure the legend of John Lennon.

The vocals, combined with a more earthly and softer tone, really show how the previously troubled Lennon was at peace with his life and his music before his death. It’s so much more evident on the stripped down version that on the original, because the vocals are truly at the forefront.

It’s nice to hear the hits again, (Just Like) Starting Over, Woman, Watching The Wheels, but what this remix album really does best is bring out the emotion of the less popular tracks that might have been forgotten over time. Songs like Dear Yoko and I’m Losing You really work well with the remixes and add a new insight into what emotions the songs might have come from.

Double Fantasy (Stripped Down) might not get brand new fans rushing to iTunes or CD stores, but it will please even the most casual Lennon fans.