CD Review: Heartless- Five Bullets to the Heart

Heartless- Five Bullets to the Heart

In this five track album, Heartless shows off their classic rock metal sound. Each of the four members of the band brings extraordinary talent to the group. The vocalist, Rob, has a very strong sound that doesn’t overpower the exceptional instrumentals. When Alfa plays the bass he doesn’t try to be a second guitar, unlike many bands. He gives the song a strong baseline especially in the slower more moderate parts of the song. The guitarist, Simo is an extremely gifted musician. We see his talented playing particularly in the intro and solo in fourth track.  Ste has a fantastic drum solo in the fifth track. As the drummer, he provides unity to the band’s sound. All the elements work together to produce a really unique sound.

The songs have a balanced mix of instrumentals and vocals. Heartless uses a nice blend of crescendos and decrescendos. They also have a variety of slow and fast parts in each song. They aren’t a one-sided band. Heartless is able to perform very diverse styles while keeping within their genra.
The fourth track is probably the best song out of the five. It perfectly combines all elements of the band. The guitar solo in this song is unbelievably amazing. Although there are no vocals, the instrumentals are so impressive that the vocals become unnecessary. The fifth track is also quit astonishing. 
This self-produced album truly showcases this bands skills and talent. They make very exhilarating music. The only negative to this band is that it there music is not on I-tunes. So, do not get confused by other bands with the same name. Hopefully, for their next project they will have a larger production budget to make and even more extraordinary album. This band will appeal to a wide range of people. I am sure this band will go far with their career.