CD Review: Glee The Music – Season Two, Volume 5

Glee Season 2 Volume 5

When I was asked to take a listen to the new Glee album, I thought it might be best to go through it song-by-song rather than just give it an overview. So, without any delay, here's my look at the 16 songs that make up Glee Season 2, Volume 5.

"Thriller / Heads Will Roll"
To me, this version was very well made vocally but instead of showing fear in the song(as the original song) makes it a festival. In my opinion the version is a bit exaggerated in the high tones and makes it look as a celebration. Rating : 3.

"Need You Now"
this is a version with a little faster pace, the female voice achieves a tone higher than the original singer but the male version sounds a bit forced or overacted, sounds a bit forced or overacted, batteries are widely used  which makes it feel as a pop version of the original song, the performance of the guitar is great both in the original song and on the Glee version. Rating: 3.5

"She's Not There"
This is a good version of the original song has a more complete background ambience than the original, they added more sound of tambourines, electronic piano and low what makes the sound to perfect for a party atmosphere in the 70's. Rating: 4

"Fat Bottomed Girls"
In this version of the song the guitar sound is predominant somewhat opaque sweeping style that appears in the original version of Freddie and changes it into a less passionate song – almost comedic. Rating: 3.5

"Pretty Young Thing"
Again, was added an exaggerated background ambience to this song, its a nice version of the MJ song but has a lot of makeup for my tastes. Rating: 3.5

This version was vocally very well worked but again the background noise is very loud and sounds very made-up. Rating: 3.5

In the version of this song were added to many musical arrangements and changed completely the Hip-Hop version into a Rock-pop style. Rating: 3.

"Somebody to Love"
The version of this song is a bit faster than the original and has many more musical arrangements. Made up again. Rating: 3.5

"Take Me or Leave Me"
Since this is a song presented in a film, it is natural that the version of it will show more background musical ambience. Rating: 3.

The version of the song has some arrangements that refresh the original sound,  female (rock) high notes makes the essence of the song becomes into a pop-rock ballad style. Rating: 3.5

"Don't You Want Me"
This version is very nice but continued exposure exceeding the background sounds of the singers voice, and update the musical sound. Rating: 3.5

"Do You Want to Touch Me (Oh Yeah)"
In this song the bass is used more often to give a background ambience and convert a song sung by one person in a song sung by a group. It's a great Joan Jett song that worked well with the cast. Rating: 4

This song is a bit slower and again led to a pop style by changing the original Funk style, also the tone used to sing it is too high compared to the original voice of prince. (almost seems like a version made by Michael Jackson instead of Prince). Rating: 3

This is a very well done vocal version but emotionless, in the original Stevie Nicks version, Stevie shows much more emotion with her voice and this version just doesn’t project the emotion of the singer. Rating: 3.

"Get it Right"
This is a Glee cast original ballad, very pretty and very sweet but with the tone and style used seem to be copying other artists that are already in the music market. Rating: 3.5

"Loser Like Me"
This is a Glee cast original song, very fresh and uptempo, but again the voice tone used sounds like other artisst that on the charts – could benefit from an original vocal arrangement. Rating: 3.5