CD Review: G-Love – Fixin To Die

Launching into G. Love’s new album with the hit single by the same title “Fixin’ to Die”, unwavering and robust Garrett Dutton’s unique vocals resonate deep and melodic in your core with the opening line “Feeling funny in my mind, Lord, I believe I’m Fixin’ to die”. G. Love’s 4th studio release strolls through 13 tracks of blues and edgy southern rock styling making this album a must have for everyone’s summer playlist.

Starting out in Boston Massachusetts, USA, and successfully bringing the love of G. Love to all of North America and abroad this newest release surmises they’re efforts and dedication echoed in every song. Weighted with talent from Jeffrey Clemens (drummer), Jim Prescott (bassist) lead by Garrett Dutton (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), the trio that started over a decade ago strums, beats, and claps to a steady theme of quirky heart heavy lyrics coaxing the summer’s heat away replacing it with a cool relaxed feeling all over.

Humorous and fun track 4, “Milk and Sugar”, jives to a quick beat praising the uplifting effects of a good cup of coffee paralleled by track 11, “Heaven”, a deep soul soother full of beautiful  plucking of Garrett`s steel guitar and a whistling solo, both good examples of the rounded complete sound achieved on this album.  Rambling with G. Love through they`re stunning new release is a reward in itself and a must listen but if like myself your hankering for more look up they`re phenomenal music video “Fixin’ to Die”, an inside look at the recording of this summer’s best new album.