CD Review: Dr Freak and Mr Four – Rock N’ Roll Brotherhood

Dr. Freak and Mr. 4

Rock N' Roll Brotherhood is a side project released by vocalist Dr. Freak and bass guitarist Mr. Four – two members of the punk/horror group "Superhorrorfuck". The album pays tribute to the big-hair, glam-rock groups from the 80's with wailing guitars and catchy up-beat riffs, but with a darker twist. With their faces covered in gothic makeup and dressed head to toe in vintage 80's apparel, Dr. Freak and Mr. Four don't attempt to hide their eccentricity. Instead, they seem to thrive on it.

The album kicks off with the title track, "Rock N' Roll Brotherhood". Opening with a smooth guitar riff, the song sounds promising. Almost as if it belonged on an old Poison album. For a brief moment you anticipate some Steven Tyler styled wailing to punch out of the mix. But it doesn't. Instead, the tempo drops and disappointment sets in as you're left listening to gravelly, strained vocals sung from the throat. The chorus seems to pick the song up again only to be ruined by subtle pitch and harmony problems. Unfortunately, the rest of the album wasn't much different.
"Love After Death" is the only song on the album that suits the harsh tone of the vocals. Starting as a quiet ballad it quickly ramps up taking you on a musical rollercoaster of ups and downs. It's only after a couple of listens that you pick up on the disturbing lyrical content, comparing his love for someone with necrophilia. Then again, what else would you expect from members of a group called Superhorrorfuck?
"Farewell to My Muse" is a power ballad ruined again by weak vocals. Sounding like a recording from a karaoke venue, this is possibly the weakest song on the album. 
Dr. Freak and Mr. Four have created some fantastic guitar licks and melodies on this album, it's just a shame that they're marred by poor vocals. Dark lyrics and song content aside, if they re-released Rock N Roll Brotherhood with a stronger vocal track I'd buy it in a heartbeat. As it is now? I'd definitely give it a miss.