CD Review: Down With Webster – Time To Win Vol.2

Down with Webster- Time to Win Vol. 2

Down with Webster recorded their album Time to Win Vol2 to follow up their 2009 album Time to Win Vol1. The original plan was to release this album a few months after Time to Win Vol1. As the bands fame grew, the recording and release dates were pushed back and it became Down with Webster’s first full-length album.

The lyrics have a continuing underlining theme about how the band has progressed and the hard work that went into making it successful. In these thirteen songs, we truly understand the message that Down with Webster was trying to portray. Although, with this ongoing theme, it does result in some of the lyrics getting repetitive. Their words are very honest and true to themselves. The lyrics to “So Positive” are especially well written.
The group flawlessly combines the style of rock and rap. The songs are very stimulating and uplifting. The fast passed, upbeat drumming, adds to the rousing mood of the album. In the song “Go Time” the use of the electric guitar is excellent. There is a large variety of instruments and styles which makes the album appeal to a big audience. There is something in this album for everyone.
The highlight songs of this album are “She’s Dope” and “Big Wheels.” Both songs stand out as having the most memorable lyrics and “Big Wheels” has an exceptional guitar introduction. 
Down with Webster have really developed a individual style since their Time to Win Vol1 album and they will continue to grow as artists. With their countless awards and their unbelievable talent and passion, this band will truly soar in the music world, even more then they already have. This album has unforgettable tracks from beginning to end; each one has something unique but, they all tie together in this one album. Down with Webster have quickly become one of my favourite music groups. I look forward to listening to future Down with Webster hits.