CD Review: Desert Sin-Destination Paradise

Desert Sin - Destination Paradise
Originally called Sick-R-U, Desert Sin returns with a new album Destination Paradise. With a short lead in they waste no time getting to the title track, Destination Paradise, and they do not disappoint with this well-crafted song with lots of harmony.
The first single Kill the King has a typical beat to it, however they bring something fresh and crisp where others might bleed this one out and yell and scream. The vocals are nicely arranged over the smooth music and the drums are pressed hard, furious and fast.
Would You Release Me has all the possibility of being a classic song and Sandro Halzor has some real good range as a heavy metal singer. He has a higher pitch than most.
Baseline and drums open the track Follow Me. This is a tight and somewhat fast tempo for the track, and keyboards are added to parts of the song that change the premise of the song to a ballad. In Silence enters and keeps true to the sound of the album.
Circle of Twilight closes out the album, it has a fast tempo and crescendo’s throughout and is a good song to end it off.
Desert Sin is a good band with vocals that sound a bit like Ronnie James Dio and the band sounding like Man-O-War at times. I am sure they will hit a good chord with metal fans of old. There is quite a lot of talent here that sadly might get overlooked.