CD Review: Desaster-The Arts Of Destruction

Desaster-The Arts Of Destruction

This is Disaster’s ninth full length album, but if you count all the demos and compilation albums then there are a total of 27. I can see for the death metal fans why they are still making albums today.

I will not tear this album apart (as they might do to me) as there are some redeeming  qualities to this one, as Splendor Of The Idols starts at a slow and menacing approach, then quickly turns into thrash/death metal.
Phantom Funeral starts with an average guitar intro, then the drums, but this does nothing for me, really. You can obviously hear the Venom influence in their sound. I had a friend in high school and his favorite band was Venom, but I hated them.
2009 saw the 20th anniversary of the band and a special album was released with demos and special released material. They had formed in 1988 mostly following and inspired by bands like Black Sabbath and Venom, however this band did not have their first full length album until 1996.
Queens of Sodomy is another song here that shows their unique talents and this is one of the better songs on the album – it sounds pretty good. This has some really fast and grim sounding music. Fundamentally, it is just noise really, and some not good noise like Troops of Heathen is insulting to the ears. If that’s what they are going for then they have succeeded here with me.
On the other hand, songs like Graves of Saints is a good track that sounds better than most of the album. Possessed and Defiled at over eight minutes starts with the best opening track on all the songs on the album. This is the best song on the album as it keeps a steady beat throughout and has more chord changes than any of the songs on the album – this could be the start of a good friendship. I really like the diversity of this track.
I could grow to like this band.