CD Review: Demonical – Death Infernal

Demonical - Death Infernal

Swedish death metal seems to be the big thing in harder music right now. Demonical’s third album, Death Infernal, is another stab at trying to capture the elusive death metal crown. Released in Europe in mid-April and finally in North America on July 19, Death Infernal is the band’s most varied release taking them down roads influenced by Entombed, Unleashed and Amon Amarth.

While it’s interesting to hear a few variations of the Demonical sound as they sway from influence to influence, I prefer the uber classic sound of Slain Warriors or All Will Perish (The Final Liberation) best. Those songs will kick any metal fan in the face with a sophisticated fury and intense passion, much like early 90s Unleashed. The Arrival of Armageddon, the album’s opening track, is also a standout track and showcases Demonical at their satanic best.

The album is one of the cleanest death metal albums out there and even though it lacks the keyboards and full-out gram slam production of someone like Behemoth, it is one of the best death metal sounds of late.

In conclusion, although not the most original of albums, Death Infernal takes Sweden’s Demonical to the next level of their evolution and is bringing their sound to a bigger audience than before.