CD Review: David Archuleta – The Other Side Of Down

David Archuleta

American Idol alumni David Archuleta returns with his second studio outing of new material, The Other Side Of Down, which contains a solid collection of original songs.  Unlike his first album, Archuleta had a hand in writing every song on the album, which is not only a pleasant surprise, but provides a much need personal approach to the music.

The fairly upbeat album is a solid collection of pop songs and showcases why the young singer was so popular on the American talent show. His voice is beyond his years and gives the lyrics more maturity than they were probably written to have. He shines a bit more on his ballads like Falling Stars, Things Are Gonna Get Better and My Kind Of Perfect.

If the album suffers from anything, it’s the similarity of the beats in the first half of the album, which hits on a good pop beat and continues until nearly half way through when it’s finally broken up by Falling Stars. From that point on the album takes a few more creative and much needed twists and turns to round out a more fulfilling release.

There are quite a few tracks that will be radio singles from this release, but my favourite is Parachutes And Airplanes, an exciting song with a nice chorus and great beat. It has enough depth that it could have be sung by Michael Bolton.

David Archuleta has shown an incredible growth with this album. Maybe it’s because of his greater input or maybe it’s because it’s his third release (including 2009’s Christmas From The Heart).  Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to see Archuleta as a singer and as a songwriter.