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CD Review: Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto


Coldplay are one of the most successful alternative rock groups. This British band has won quiet a lot of music awards, such as, MTV Music Video Awards, and Grammy Awards and has also used their fame to help channel awareness and raise funds for organizations, such as, Hope for Haiti and Teenage Cancer Trust. They often perform at charity events. Coldplay is a very unique and edgy band and very inspirational.

Their album, Mylo Xyloto, is no different then their other fantastic albums. They use a lot of electronically generated sounds which perfectly unify with Chris Martin’s strong vocals.  “Us Against the World” has a much more acoustic tone that incorporates Jonny Buckland’s raw and brilliant guitar playing. The drums on this album hold very simple and consistent beats that flow nicely with the piano and echoing guitar. The music is uplifting and exciting. 
The lyrics in most of the songs relate to the ideas and themes of escape, love and optimism. The choruses are very memorable and unique. The chorus in the song “Paradise” is very well written, and delivers the same intensity as each verse.
The most outstanding song in this album has to be “Princess of China.” This is a duet with Chris Martin and Rihanna. The added hand clapping sections work very well with this song. During concerts, audiences enjoy clapping along to these sections. Although, the lyrics are more predictable than other songs on this album, this song still stands out tremendously.
This album has wonderful tracks from beginning to end. Coldplay have a true artistic style that’s unlike any other band. They have kept their signature sound since their debut album. This is not always successful for music groups but, they manage to make it work. People who were fans of Coldplay in 2005 when their X&Y album was released, may enjoy rediscovering them through Mylo Xtloto. This album is worth listening to.