CD Review: Cadaveria -Horror Metal

Cadaveria - Horror Metal

This group is from Beliesse, Italy, not sounding anything like their fellow countrymen Evanescence or Lacuna Coil, this is a much darker group. Formed in 2001, they are more death and extreme metal, with a more darker feel to their music than most bands with a woman at the helm.

Flowers In Fire gives you an idea of what the album is about. I feel there is nothing original here and the images used for the front cover remind me of Mudvayne, who is a much stronger band. A lot of similarities to “Cradle of Filth” I hear in the vocals and some of the harmonies.
Death Vision is a nice mix of death and horror metal, while Whispers of Sin is a brutal death metal attack. The Days of the After & Behind is one of the stronger songs on the album and is the single release from the album. Apocalypse is one of the better structured songs, but still not one of my favs.
The Oracle (of the fog) has some interesting things going on musically and This Is Not The Silence has a catchy beat to it, but the vocals get in the way of enjoying it. Hypnotic Psychosis is a  well crafted song and sounds good vocal wise the elements mix together better for this song and the drumming is really good in this one.
Cadaveria don't really show anything original to the genre and I can't really recommend this to anyone.