CD Review: Bob Seger – Ultimate Hits (Rock and Roll Never Forgets)

Bob Seger - Ultimate Hits (Rock and Roll Never Forgets)

With Ultimate Hits: Rock And Roll Never Forgets, a new double CD collection of remastered hits and classics, Bob Seger gets the best treatment of his career. The remasters are slick, smooth and bright, giving these regal tracks a new life beyond their original releases. Ultimate Hits is a perfect example of remasters working to better the originals.

This 26-track collection includes Night Moves, Turn The Page, Hollywood Nights, Mainstreet, Old Time Rock And Roll, Like A Rock, Her Strut, We’ve Got Tonight, Against The Wind, and Still The Same, amongst other career spanning hits. It’s refreshing hearing brighter versions of Still The Same, Against The Wind and especially Night Moves, which give the songs the room to breathe and grow. They were favourites back in the 70s and 80s and will get their deserved place amongst iPods and digital media players around the world.

Two of the tracks that stand out from the rest are Rock And Roll Never Forgets and Old Time Rock And Roll, which sound noticeably better than the originals, going beyond their original sound spectrum. The collection also includes Seger’s rendition of the Holiday classic Little Drummer Boy, making its first appearance on a Bob Seger album, as well as the original mono version of Seger’s first hit Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, which has been long out of print and unavailable for years. It was his first hit in 1968 when he recorded as The Bob Seger System, a long forgetten early band way before The Silver Bullet Band came about.

There are other Seger hits collections, but this is the first one that seems to be assembled with care. Along with stunning remasters, the career-spanning collection dives deep into the 60s and continues through the ages – even the cover looks like a vintage Seger masterpiece. If even one of these 26 rock classics strikes a chord, this remastered collection is a must have that won’t let you down.