Bison bc – Lovelessness – CD Review


Bison bc, LovelessnessLovelessness, the third Metal Blade release for Vancouver metal act Bison bc, is a bit of a downer –  especially when compared to earlier releases. The music is something like a symphony for the clinically insane. Over the course of the three Metal Blade albums, Bison has developed into a unique outfit that cane make sense of chaos. The guitars are sloppy sounding and the drums come across like spiking thumps rather than keepers of the beat. But oddly enough, this retro mishmash of elements works for these guys.
With only one song under the six minute mark, Lovelessness follows suit with attempts at epic pieces rather than catchy little numbers. An Old Friend opens the album with a bit of familiar territory – a guitar driven suicide attempt headed by vocalist James Farwell. The track picks up speed about half way through and shows how this band can handle sharing the stage with bands like Job For A Cowboy and 3 Inches of Blood.
Anxiety Puke / Lovelessness is a bit of a punk/Motorhead joint that reeks of misery and pain and is a departure from the usually Bison fare, while Last and First Things is one of the two tracks on the album with a bit of a true epic feel – the other being Finally Asleep, which also has the honour of being the least cancerous of the six songs and is by far the best song on the album.
Blood Music is similar to An Old Friend and Clozapine Dream, the shortest of the tracks, feels out of place amongst the lengthier songs.

Bison bc have become something unique in the music world – they are a unique band that has found a truly original sound.

3 Stars