CD Review: After – Edges Of The World

After, Edges Of The World

California alternative rockers After are offering up a tasty new four track EP, (Edges Of The World) consisting of a trio of originals and one highly courageous cover. Sounding a bit like Nickelback and Three Days Grace, it’s interesting to hear the Canadian influence on a US band. The end result, however, is an interesting mix of hard rock with a tiny bit of pop flare.

Days Ago, the opener, is a powerful track that jumps out with a pompous assault similar to a Nickelback crunch track, but as the tune progresses, it becomes a bit more like a Three Days Grace groove. It’s a good introduction to the band, but the real strength of this outfit lies in the second track Bones. A well drafted tune with good lyrics and a great riff, Bones is a good showcase of the vocals and musical ability of the band and could be a hit with the right producer at the helm.
The EPs title track, Edges Of The World, is a decent slow jam that shows off the bands ability to create contemporary alternative rock, slightly mixed with some 90s post-grunge. It’s a bit more commercial than Days Ago, but maintains a similar sound and style.
When looking at the tracklisting, it would be easy to dismiss Riders On The Storm as a typical Doors cover, but there was a lot of attention put into the arrangement of this one, making it stand out from what you might expect. Jim Morrison must be smiling at this one because it seems to capture the essence of what The Doors were (I believe they were the grunge of their day) and blends it well with a post-grunge, modern rock flavour. The guitar arrangements and the solo alone are worth listening to – Doors cover or not, this is the stuff that air guitarists around the world are craving for.
Edges Of The World shows that After has the chops to make a great modern alternative rock album when the time comes.