CD Review: Absynth Aura – Unbreakable

Absynth Aura - Unbreakable

Absynth Aura are an Italian band formed in 2007 and have had good success with a downloadbale EP.

I had the pleasure of listening to this good rock album – a bonus of doing this job is getting to listen to all this good music by newer and unheard bands. Believe Me kicks the start of this album with some power music and great vocals. If you like Lacuna Coil or Evenesance, this album will not disappoint at all.
The softer track Desert Flower uses the vocals like another instrument, while You Die and Smile are slower ballads. Smile deserves some radio play and i definately the pop song of the album.
Understand my Fight gets the album rocking again with heavy riffs and vocals throughout. A song like this lets you know there's a good band at work here and there are some great things happening musically. With bass riff and power drumming – and a cool fast bass solo in there – this is a good showcase piece.
Looking For The One is a power ballad showcasing the singer's beautiful voice and Life is another good heavy riff song. By the time we get to Fire In My Eyes, things start to sound a little bit the same, although it does have some good elements.
Will Is Power is the first song that they recorded for this album and it doesn’t disappoint at all. It has a good catchy riff and backbeat and the vocals are tamer in their approach. There's also another great bass line in there.
The title song of the album, Unbreakable, has a different sound to it. It's a slower song, but with strong vocals – think of it like a cross between Ann Wilson of Heart & Darby Mills of Headpins. Disappointingly the band does a cover version of The Cranberries Zombie. I'm not sure why they did this one, because their own songs are, far and away, better songs. They kick in hard and slow it down for the rest of the song, but I still don't care for the song – Cranberries or not.
I feel that this group could go places as they have some really good songs of their own.