CD Review: 40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room

40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room

40 Watt Sun is the new project from Warning vocalist and guitarist Pat Walker. Heavily distorted guitars and grunge-rock drumming highlight the five songs on the band’s debut album The Inside Room. At first listen, The Inside Room is far from your typical metal release with its slow, mid-toned groove sounds. It comes across like a counter-maneuver to combat the modern uprising of melodic metal, much like grunge did to hair bands in the 90s. But 40 Watt Sun is not grunge, nor is it really Warning either – it’s something altogether different.

Much of the more than 40 minutes that makes up The Inside Room is fairly one dimensional and, for lack of a better phrase, mono-toned. It’s a bit like early Black Sabbath with a lot louder distortion – kind of a Char-Broiled Sabbath if you will. Mix that in with a touch of Curt Cobain and you have 40 Watt Sun.

The album chugs along at highway speeds no faster than that an electric scooter, but that really seems to complement Walkers voice, which is the true highlight of the record. While there really is nothing noteworthy about the bass, drums or even the slow distorted guitar riffs on the album, Walker’s vocals can tell stories much like the classic Ozzy material on those early Sabbath albums. And that’s what makes 40 watt Sun something to talk about.

The comparisons to Sabbath are in here on purpose, because 40 Watt Sun is trying to create something entirely new – something like Sabbath did when it became the first heavy metal band. It’s a unique sound that, as it grows, will have the potential to captivate audiences for decades to come. For now, Walker should be satisfied knowing that what was being developed in Warning is becoming the sound of the future in his new band.