Caught In The Crossfire – DVD Review


Caught In The Crossfire

With and outstanding cast and high-end producer credits, Caught In The Crossfire has the makings of a stellar cop drama, but might suffer from the efforts of a first time writer. The movie’s producer Randall Emmett is known for Rambo and 16 Blocks, while fellow producer and  multi-platinum recording artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, steps in front of the camera for his best role yet as Tino.

This good cop/bad cop action film stars 50 Cent (Righteous Kill), Adam Rodriguez (TV’s “CSI: Miami”), Chris Klein (Election) and Richard T. Jones (Why Did I Get Married Too?).  Filmed and set in Michigan, the story follows two police detectives (Rodriguez and Klein) who begin to investigate a suspicious crime, only to discover they have become the new targets of gang members and crooked cops.

It’s a pretty dark film, both visually and story wise. The cast kick out their best hard-ass cop and bad-ass villain characters throughout a rather dry and dreary script, but they do their best to keep the action flowing. It feels a bit like the whole cop job and not just the exciting stuff.

Director and writer Brian A. Miller, who shows up in the film as A.D.A. Kevin Andrews, gave it a valiant effort, but could have used a hand from a writer from anything on TV with the name CSI. Instead of the lighthearted approach of CSI, Miller chose to take the movie in a direction and gritty feeling similar to that of the masterful Se7en, but Andrew Kevin Walker is a great screenwriter, even dating back to his debut with 1995’s Brainscan.

Caught In The Crossfire is a bit like a great cast on a bad day, but is worth checking out of you are a 50 Cent fan or in need of some serious  cop action.

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