November 28, 2022

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Carlos Zambrano accused of immorality in Boca Juniors: Ancestors who did not play in favor of Peruvian central defender | NCZD DTCC | Game-total

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Carlos Zamprano Again the storm is in the eye Boca Juniors. Central player plays very little on the xeneize team. Also, it was not considered 0-0 draw against Newells. Initially, the Peruvian defender stayed on the bench intoxicated and now, according to the Argentine media, it was suggested that it would be immoral.

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In the previous match against Newells, Edwin Cardona, Sebastian Villa and Carlos Zamprano were reported to have come in for intoxication.. It was provocative Sebastian Pataclia decided to let three players off the bench.

Also referred to as infighting. As a result, some of them were punished. But he himself has denied it War At a press conference after the game.

Jorge Bermudas at a presentation by Carlos Zambrano.  (Photo: Boca Juniors)
Jorge Bermudas at a presentation by Carlos Zambrano. (Photo: Boca Juniors)

“I completely deny that there was a fight between the team members. Edwin Cardona, Sebastian Villa and Carlos Zamprano were intoxicated so we made three changes,” the Boca Juniors coach announced.

However, the Argentine media publishes day-to-day news Boca Juniors confirmed that Pataclia had finished seating these three players due to irregular action.

Journalist Leandro Aguilera said Edwin Cardona, Sebastian Villa and Carlos Zamprano were intoxicated when they were released between 12 noon and 10 pm on Monday. It is not known what the soldiers ate or drank. In addition, he assured that the team had approved Pataclia’s decision to seat them.

The Argentine shows gave several minutes to this topic. They had a tough time with Edwin Cardona not continuing in the Boca Juniors. The Colombian player is always the problem player. Unfortunately, Carlos Zamprano is part of this controversy over the continuation of some players today.

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-Two more cases-

This is not the first time Carlos Zambrano has appeared in additional sports news. Throughout his career he appeared on shows that did not obscure football. Since he was in Boca Juniors, he has already been involved in issues unrelated to football.

In February of this year, Carlos Zamprano was part of a party that caused great controversy at Boca Juniors, and this confused the leaders of the xeneize club. The Ole newspaper revealed that Sebastian Villa, along with Frank Fabra and Edwin Cardona, attended the birthday party of Peruvian central defender Estepan Androda.

At the time, no parties or family gatherings were banned in Argentina, but they had a limited number of participants. However, Ole said there were more than 50 people in the crowd.

“It’s not going well. The party took place one day before the holiday and in the middle of the season in a private setting, but it’s not exactly what happened due to an epidemic or the week he lived in the club,” official sources told xeneize club Olay.

In the same month, Carlos Zamprano He was again involved in a chaotic reality. The Boca Juniors defender and Peruvian team are said to have run into a young delivery man, according to La Nacion.

The aforementioned source points to those closest to him as well “The Boca footballer did not run away from that place,” Zamprano promisedInstead, the person who came with him approached the scene of the accident and remained there until police officers were informed that the victim had minor injuries and would be transferred to an ambulance.

Carlos Zambrano: TyC reports on defender's accident.
Carlos Zambrano: TyC reports on defender’s accident.

Carlos Zambrano also had a lot of controversy in the Peruvian team. Note that the center-back red-and-white was marginalized twice as long. First in 2016 after a double game against Venezuela and Uruguay. Since then, he has not been called back since being ruled out of the match against Brazil in 2020.

Staying Carlos Zambrano is not the best at Boca Juniors. Since coming to the Argentine club in early 2020, he has played in 32 games. He was not considered on the starting team and was one of the most criticized players by Cory xeneize fans.

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